She Is Unforgettable |By Poetic Meadows

The only poetry I want to memorize
Is about the one whom I visualize
From the moment I pen my first verse
To the metaphorical lyrics that transcends the universe
The way you sashay across the room
Giving me visually stunning impressions only I assume
That you want me to immortalize you with my ink
So elegantly hypnotic and not the drink
More like the cataclysmic converter
Sending me back into a time zone yes her
The contoured presentation of the way she fits
Blended through each line of my calligraphy written in misfits
Not crazy enough to recite her off my tongue
Not courageous enough to kiss her with my felt tip pen puncturing my lung
So I breathe in colorful lead
I plead
For her to be the work of art I paint
Make words come alive in her portrait of pleasure and I ain’t
The one with a feeble mind
But with the memory of an elephant I seek and find
Every scripted climatic lettering on her pages
The ones highlighted by the Egyptian Gods through the ages
Lost in the punctuation of her exclamation
No way can I leave without an introduction
I want to memorize her cursive form
Feel her clay in my hands as her sighs and moans become the norm
As I mentally photographed
The sheer beauty of her eyes she smiled and laughed
My muscle memory began to pulsate
Just from the way she gyrate
Hidden behind the beautiful facade
Was a mind that was limitless with nerdy wits and I had
I had to dive in deeper so my pictures would remain unfaded
Glowing in vibrant color adored and never hated
Graphic designers seek out this kind of perfection
So here’s my recollection
The only poetry I want to memorize
Is about she whom I visualize

From the mind of Poetic

– Brotherhood of Sincerity

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