In the Contrast of a Dream | Written by, Darrell Godbold

In the contrast of a dream

Sometimes the love that you’re looking for will have your mind eclipsed in a state of chimera

All is not what it does or seem

The virtual reality of what you feel and foresee is distorted, entangled and unnatural, the air you breathe taste like a dry myth, yet you sense the flavor of aloe vera

Come walk with me and let’s see if we can find one that will have you feeling agleam

In the contrast of a dream

You can see yourself being softly kissed for the love of your cherished lips and on and around the rolling spasms beneath the skin of your back streaming up and down the confused, uncontrollable, obsessive anxiety filled erotic feelings

Henceforth, is a desired page of an unscripted love that you could turn to repeatedly, never reaching the last chapter, a necessity that you deem?

Causing the interconnectedness of his passion for your deep love and yours for his deep love from ever touching the dream’s ceiling

In the contrast of a dream

About love there’s always a beginning, where everything is ever so right and absolutely nothing, you’re doing together with it is wrong

That first look in each other’s eyes walking towards each other to say hello for the very first time and here we are

That unforgettable, heart reaching first kiss

The first time being touched showering together in an embrace that eluded into to being some kind of bubblelike before play

That first moment of hot emotional intimacy that we shared together when all the world was quietly and inconspicuously asleep except for us, that lasted all night long and half of the next morning because we were too empurpled in each other’s sugar

In the contrast of a dream

Sometimes love is an unhinged cluster of vague arguments that led to a tear jerking break up, but you’re still deeply in love with that someone and it stings an unapproachable hurt

You feel undeniably pestered

Summer madness turns into winter sadness, that time of the year when its bleak cold and you need that someone to hold onto and love in perfect harmony to keep you warm at night

But right now, you’re asking yourself in a rain of shallow tears that have all but dried up, why me?

Why did this have to happen to me, now you’re confused and lost in a dream you’re trying to run away from but there’s no exits, only clouds of silver-gray fog blinding your sight in every direction

And snap, you jerk yourself and wake up out of the dream perspiring profusely and as thirsty as a creamy white strawberry red Hybrid Tea desert rose

In the contrast of a dream

Love is what you make it

So, you better have your mind made up before you start drifting off into the dream of another deep sleep

Anyway, you fake it or shake it

Because I might be calling your name


© 2020 Darrell Godbold

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