Love & Sacrifice | by Brotherhood of Sincerity Member

Love shouldn’t have to be a sacrifice. To sacrifice is to give up something precious in order to gain or maintain something, such as a valuable relationship or some other worthy cause. Relationships require fewer sacrifices and more compromises. Often times ones past can tend to hinder the future with moving forward. Our nature we tend to hold on to things from the past. Most couples in a starting relationship come from broken past relationships, disappointments, and grief. My personal experience, I thought we would never move from or have a breakthrough; however we showed each other that true love is still out there. The light still shined equally within our hearts and soul. Not going to say it’s been an easy ride the past for the moments of us being together. My recommendation for the lovers out there is to put in the work to make it a success. Make it happen, talk about everything, including the hard subjects. Always listen, compromise. Remember everything does not have to be an argument. To be fully honest finish everything with love.

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