Rotating Fans & Naps|Written by, Jazlynn ladylinkwell Montgomery

I miss the 8 year old me
Who valued naps in my grandma bed
Quilt finely stitched, covering me
Pillow fluffed by God himself it seemed
Head cradling immature dreams
Younger self not understanding what being an adult would mean
And to top it off a rotating floor fan
Blowing my face gently like
Grandma kisses
Being awaken by sausage, tomatoes, okra, and rice
Or fried pork chops with Lima beans
I take for granted all these things
I pinch myself but, the reality is…….
I don’t sleep very well
I don’t have dreams
The fan fucks with my sinuses
And grandma is no longer alive
So her kisses are mere memories now
I’m “adulting ” now
Which means stuff stress me the hell out

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