The Yorubas are the aborigines and owners of the whole land in the Southwest of Nigeria from Lagos to Ibadan to Abeokuta to Osogbo to Akure to Ado-Ekiti to Ilorin to Lokoja.

“OPERATION AMOTEKUN” was formed and created to eradicate and wage total war against criminals and their nefarious activities in the Southwest, and not against any tribe,religion or set of people.
Everyone knows the Yorubas to be very peaceful and peace loving set of people, they are very very accommodating to a fault to all and with no exception. Come to Yorubaland and see that we are indeed very wonderful and amazing set of people…

Just because of our true and genuine love for other tribes and ethnic groups; our peacefulness, accommodating and one Nigerian spirit, others seem to want to trample on us,take us for granted and see us as being fearful and cowardly, but not at all…Yorubas have never been known to be cowards from the word go.

The Yorubas are very very brave,courageous and powerful. Just that they don’t act or take actions harshly,stupidly and foolishly, they think very well and very deeply before they act or take any action, they are very very articulate and calculative set of people.

The yorubas will never ever take actions or steps that they will regret over later…Never!!!
The Yorubas have never ever fought and lost any battle in history….They have always won and conquered from time immemorial till date.

To show that the yorubas are so peaceful,friendly and accommodating,we give out our daughters as wives to other tribes without fear,conditions or any reservations, we give them our land to build houses,businesses,companies,factories,etc with no threats,harassment or intimidation. We even give them all the necessary supports and enabling environment for then to survive and their businesses to thrive and succeed on our land.

What else do they want???

Are the yorubas given these kind of opportunities and privileges elsewhere?

Do the yorubas get them?

Only that Yorubas will never ever allow anyone to undermine them,take them for granted or allow anyone to work against their interests or objectives in any way on their own soil…Yiyo ekun tojo ko.

May God bless yorubaland!

May God bless all yoruba sons and daughters all over the world!!

Odua a gbe wa o!!!

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