Just Because I Love You | Written by Darrell Godbold

Just because I love you

I’m never lost to love

Because I already know that when you see me when you’re thirsty for love on February 14th, I know that you love to seduce me with the inferiority complex of your beautiful startling eyes to make sure that you have my undivided attention and then you’ll caress my hands to exactly where you want them to go and leave them there and then hold my face with your dispassionately sweet soft petite hands and softly kiss me so deep and through

And smooch an innuent of wet kisses on my lips as soft as Egyptian cotton draped across the body of you, my most high Queen and while you’re doing this to my excruciatingly hot heart, I’m asking myself what in the world could she be thinking of ?

Besides me

Just because I love you

I’m beginning to understand what they mean when they say sometimes its not about what you say, but what you do and the persuasion you use to make it come true

Like this moment the way your kisses are making me feel

Woman, you could pour hot butter on my biscuits and it wouldn’t burn, but the smile on my face would show a zealous zeal

That’s real

Just because I love you

We’re always friends and never strangers

We stay away from the drama and the insanity of the heartbreaks that sometimes encompasses love, because of what it influences and endangers

I would rather whisper with enchantment, the ripple effect of whispers about your love to you that only you could hear

To lead you into using that love language of your other voice that brings out the best of each other that sometimes elicits a single sweet tear

Just because I love you

There’s nothing that I wouldn’t do for you, within good reason

You’re so good to me, that you make me daydream out loud

I want to forever breathe you

Always see you joyful and never sad

I want you to be that only woman that I can talk to about anything

I need to hear your echoes rising

Be my butterfly

Let me spray you in perfume

And rub your roses

Be the one to lift you up, when you’re feeling down

May I

Can I

Love you

Will you

Promise me

Your heart

From the start

Kiss me

Wet again

My friend

Oh, and by the way

Happy Valentine’s Day.

© 2020 Darrell Godbold

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