Wrong Arrow Stupid | Poets Meadows

I ain’t got no need for Cupid
Listen I ain’t stupid
But what has that bow and arrow really done for me
Heartbreak, heartache, pain, sorrow and tears please
Romance thrives through every fiber of my being
All hurt Is what I be feeling
But following his little curly head suggestions
I forgot to mention
He needs a little lesson
In soul searching
I’m a grown man no longer believing in fairy tales
More like truth serum full of lies I inhale
To exhale greatness even beyond the scar
Left by your arrow tipped laced tar
Because my heart is frozen solid
When you said trust me and do me a solid
Trust me shes the one
Here I am many ejaculated soul ties later still looking for the one
Golden promises of my happily ever afters
Turned out to be whirlwind disasters
Listening to you who has been single since my existence
With all your experience
Where is MS Cupid
Your silence tells me a lot stupid
Wearing your birthday suit
Putting everyone in these relationships you built
I’m tired of being your pawn
Look at the decades of devastation you spawn
Lives spinning out of control not for love but lust
Shoot your arrows but trust
I’m going to evaluate every single one of your choices
In love and from here on out I’m no longer listening to Cupid’s love voices

From the mind of Poetic

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