Immortal Melanin | Written by Darrell Godbold

In the subtlety and verve of my brown eyes

To be an Immortal Melanin

You most definitely couldn’t be an open book for love

But then, neither am I

To me, it’s essential that your plump roses and sweet chocolate be preservative free, all natural

So, if you think that I might be what and who you want to see, don’t ever wonder, what you want to know about me, just ask me

Because I’m a listener first tonight, and all of the Shale Blue moons afterwards, because I want to read what’s on your mind through hearing the soft whispering syllogisms of your naturally pleasant voice

I insist

That you charm me, please don’t try to harm me

If you want me to learn how to take care of you every moment of our sensual existence

My heart can be and has been just as fragile as yours is and or ever was

So, whenever you’re ready to run into my heart stay there, and don’t ever go away

Because you and your Immortal Melanin is already entrusted and laced into the deepest feelings of my heart for you

And I’ll only say this once, the drama of arguing and bringing up what you or I had or didn’t have that failed the thresholds of love for the both of us is not ever an option between us, straight up

I am not him or them and you are not her or just another rogue and naughty side piece

I want to make the stimulations and stipulations of love seriously, good to you and good for you

And I expect the same of your Immortal Melanin, because believe me you are the only exception to the rule of hidden love that could be a forbidden love to a mortal man like myself

Yes, that love, the kind concerning other men where it’s strictly looks but don’t touch for their nosiness, because she’s already taken mister savoir faire

Because if I catch them looking indirectly without saying a word, the look on my face will say don’t even think about it and don’t even touch her with your shady and opaque imagination or with a sneaky thought, you rodent

Well, Miss Immortal Melanin

Look at us now, we’re no longer hopeless romantics

And within reach of a somethin’, somethin’ so good, that’s an anew beginning

Together, we are and will be as beautiful to the understanding of our love as we can blossom it into being

A love that’s beyond ordinary

Oblivious and blithe to those that see us and want to be us

But literally swallowing their jealous hearts into a pool of frivolous envy

Goodnight Immortal Melanin

Goodnight, mortal sweetheart


© 2020 Darrell Godbold

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