FOLLOW A PATTERN | by Brotherhood of Sincerity Member

Time follows a very structured pattern. Sixty seconds make a minute, sixty minutes make one hour,twenty four hours make a day, and so it goes into weeks, months and years. Nature follows a pattern to grow from stage to stage.

This is also reflected in successful people. They follow a success routine. They involve themselves in a pattern of lifestyle which they follow come rain, come shine.You leave them and meet them in a few weeks they are involving in that activity that brings result. If anything, they could be seen improving on it.

So to be a success you need to get your own rhythm and routine. If you do things haphazardly, be certain your results will be irregular. This is the reason people say it does not work. They work one week and stop for two, then resume three days  then stop again. To have momentum and consistent result you need to build consistently for a while.

So get your success rhythm. It takes discipline and time but the results will be worth it. There will be distractions and discouragement, they are all there as weights to build your success muscles.

This is wake up call for you. Go for it.

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