Identification | By De’Wayne Sawyer Jr.

So much more than a picture that you’re not so proud of on a card
Doesn’t identify you at all, where you’re from or who you are,
Doesn’t give the person examining it the history behind your scars.
No insight on your upbringing or the things you love
Your past can craft who you will become (sometimes).
The cliché that life’s not fair to me seems.. false, everyone I know has had there share of gains and loss.
The pain is only God chiseling at your blank stone canvas, to make you dynamic.
To make you gorgeous,
I mean, you got that big ass tattoo and endure that discomfort so that others may see your portrait.
Your expression,
Your reflection is where identification begins.
The uncerainty, the self doubt, the self hate started when you attempted to be the best someone else, when you should focus being your best self.
It’s crucial to have honesty and peace,
know the importance of speech,
the boulder is the blockage and the water never finds the seeds underneath,
I’m sure they’re eager to breathe.
And I’m sure you are too.
Dreaded conversations we tend to tip top around,
Frustrated frequently forcing us to drown.
(Crawl) Introduce the idea of speaking, being absent of judgement or fear
(Walk) Taking all necessary information and empathy to make understanding more clear
(Fly) Free conscious to seek options proceed to prosper in all you hold near and dear.
You were majestically molded, birthed well equipped, search the man in the mirror, explore his gifts,
the good, the bad and all it comes with.
You’ll be in awe when you welcome the flaws, the brutal environment will best itself to pull at your straws.
This broken system, sometimes causes so much distance, when the universe speaks I hope you listen, and know the difference, and know you’re different.
You have all the strength you’ll ever need to work your happiness into fruition.
Tireless devotion to tighten your focus, take time to be open, at times you’ll feel hopeless, remind yourself the goal is to ride the tides of the ocean.
Although the mountain tops seem high with steady pacing and patience, you’ll see divination, so long as you first take time to expand your arms, embrace and love your true identification.

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