Breathing You | By Darrell Godbold

It’s a well-intentioned approach of a feeling that I have for you that’s not so very hard to do

Because you’ve promised me in the moonlights trudge that you’ll always love me throughout the starlit pitch darkness of every night

Until the eye awakening sunrise at dawn has risen that has caused us both to intensely yawn and the bedroom windows Beige Venetian blinds have sliced the glare of the early morning sunlight

Breathing you

Though suffocating at times, is so romantically easy to do

Especially when I’ve been impressed of the portrait that I see after you’ve just stepped out of the steaming clangour of a pouring hot rain of a marbled floor bathroom’s shower

Dried your curvaceous horizons off and shadowed your lovely soft soul with a rose essential oil giving you the perfect sweetly scent of a mirages flower

Breathing you

It causes this special reoccurring effect, when I’m inhaling intoxicating breaths of you that are much deeper than the abysses of love and the feelings become a virtual reality, so true

And when I’m about to reach out to the threshold of exhaling your magnificent mystiques of pleasure

Time stands still in every direction motionless and that breath escapes and perplexes me into a slow motion so that I can make the most of the teasing joy that the fulfillment of that moment makes, that I sufficiently treasure

Breathing you

Are you allowing me to share your ulterior motives, heartfelt love, faith and trust, a complex must, also those frequented tears when it comes to your heartaches and agoraphobia fears, because I want to be the one by your side when its necessary to pull the moment and you through?

Can’t you understand it peachy sweet, how much I really do care about you and our infinite destiny and I’m selfishly wanting all of your intangible assets and smiles for myself

Please hurry up this way again, so that my incontrovertible love for you won’t become an antiquity on an undiscovered ice shelf

Breathing you

Deeper and deeper when we’re so close together that there’s less than a breath between us or when I put my arms around your enchanting waist and have a look at what my mind has drew

And that magic blue rose in your hair says to you, do you see me and if you do please come closer

So, I do and we’re cheek to cheek yes those or the others, suddenly breathing you gets exponentially better, we should camera capture this moment by becoming a poser

Breathing you

Is an oxygen of love?

Sweetening my smiles elucidate expressions when I see you, not just only a few

But an assimilated trance that just gives me a lot more about you to think of


© 2020 Darrell Godbold

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