I Am Black History | By Poetic Meadow

I Am Black History

Here’s a little known black history fact
I too am black
I am a father
No matter how bad society wants to portray me and I too was raised by a single black mother
The imagery of fatherhood
I saw on tv because I needed to know about manhood
Not enough black male teachers in the education system
And the ones that were there wanted to date my mother so I disrespected them

My biological wasn’t their enough
But Heathcliff Huxtable showed me the ropes and it was tough
Black history is more than a month for me
My black is beautiful skin color oozes off melanin for you to see
I’m just another black man in America trying to be free
In an enslaved mentality of racism and hate where’s my tree
Oh it’s invisible because in your mind you’re hanging me
Gods words said if you think it you minds as well have done the deed see
I’m black three hundred and sixty five days of the year
I don’t need a month to remind me how great I am yet I walk the streets in fear
Not of death
But how my children would react to the ignorance if my life was taken and not because of my failing health
I’m more than just a black statistic
I’m my children’s daddy not a target for your night stick
Majestic majesty in royalty divinity
Melanin ego tripping with clarity
Because my pen is mightier than your sword
Written this black man’s word
Hang me in the courts of my peers
Yet use me for your glorious years
My music and art we create
Black enough so you just hate
What are we as black Americans willing to do
Respond to injustice with a major how to
How to unite with dignity
Express our culture emphatically
Chose our words carefully
Like the sword in the stone metaphorically
All in the name of my fathers father father
Looking in the mirror at my blackness I see my mother
My mother’s son shattering your man made stereotypes
I am black history three hundred and sixty five days now you can have your one month of hype.

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