A Utopian | By Poet Nathan Antoine

Photo Credit: Pierre Jean-Louis

If a utopia was real
It would be black

Even when i’m alone
On my own
Or with a crew
Just hanging out
Doing what we do

I am
We are

But I guess
I’m supposed to be mad and enraged
And in a cage
Because I’m black, right?
Because I don’t know
How to act, right?

Yet, the reaction
To my intellection
Like an erection

Now everyone’s second guessing

These hyperbolic
That try to put me in a box

Not knowing
I am the key
To any lock
Paper to rock
When I want to
And i’m ghetto
Or I’m bougie
When I want to
And I do what I want
When I want
When I want to

But who told you
Life is going to cater to you?

Because mirrors
Plus time
Plus time
Plus mirrors
My mind
All the time

Yo have to want it

To need it
To feel it
To feed it
To work for it

Then you can
Flaunt it
And call it your best life
With no misery or strife
Just happy days
That’ll capture you-In a daze
While mesmerized by the rays
Of sunshine
Supporting mine
Slowing time

We’re built from bricks
These magic tricks
From deep within
A sea of melanin

The art to our pen
Why we’re always
Creating all kinds of things

Afro things

Just from within
Our mind’s pen

Simply put

I am
We are
The embodiment
Of a Utopian.

Poet Nathan Antoine ©
IG @PoetNathanAntoine
All Copyrights Reserved

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