CONFIDENCE | BY Brotherhood of Sincerity Member

I opened my soul and heart
I opened my mind
Now, I can see the future
So, I gave a fuck

I had enough with the normal life
So, I unlocked my internal potentials
To conquer more prizes.

Focus is the key because this agony here It brought me to my knees
 Decades of darkness. I’m still at the tunnel 
I keep running, but I’m still in one spot
I just keep chasing something That something is nothing
Not knowing where to follow I’m fucked

That light appears far, yet so near.
I must unfollow. So my mind can be clear. I can reach the skies
I must succeed
For you and for my family
Because today it the day, I break free

Our future you soon see
I will be that provider you always need
I have the power to chose and to change my mind
No one can stop me
At this current time My confidence is all I got
For wanting to improve
One life is all I have

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