Day 3 of A Break up | By Jazlynn LadyInkell Montgomery

The grey area
That space where the
things yelled out loud has now become wall paper
I stare at it sometimes
The words that would make someone stand on a cliff
Only to yell the anxiety of their brutal blows
I get so upset within myself
I let you carry my emotions like a coffin
Lower me down
my bed is its final resting place
I ride for awhile in my car
Blasting fuck you music
Fuck them hoes you entertained
I’m going to be okay
You must of bumped your head,
Get o-u-t
Bumping that Keyshia, Mary, Khia, Mya, hell Syleena Johnson
All The mothers and God mother’s of a good break up record
I want a black
I want to stand at the beach watching the coming and goings of waves
Saying goodbye to you is something that I wrestle with
Give it time they say
Maybe it’s not over
Maybe he is hurt like I am
Doubt it, because nothing can hurt a man that creates this much havoc and mayhem
May him and his deep throat puppet
Enjoy the moments of pleasure
For I heard after every heartbreak, a goddess is reborn

Written by: Jazlynn LadyInkell Montgomery

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