Isn’t she something? | By Jazlynn ladylinkwell Montgomery

You make her pay full price, plus tip
While your whores dine and dash
Using discounted coupons so that they don’t have to pull from their surplus so much
You favor the nectar of a withering flower
While you drain the very existence of the sunflower that shines even when a dark cloud appears

You love being the bed mate of a woman known by the community as Lemonade
Because she quenches the thirst of men who toss her money

Make them pay for her cup and the pitcher she sits inWhile your water, your source of what the majority of you is made of is second choice to thy lips
You are the sweetest poison
The Holocaust of a dream lived and suffered through

You make me maniac
Yet you laugh at the scares that make me beautiful
You pull me close only because you can’t stand the whispers of the unumbered that beg to be
All that you hold back in your love bucket
Then when I stay you say I want more of the world
So fuck it
You would rather bury your dick in Gehenna

Then to return it back to a serene place in the bosom of A God
My power doesn’t lie between my thighs
You hold intimacy sacred
Yet you call your women of yesterday “my girls”
How many times did I scream make love to me?
Suck on my brain, lick my conscience, make my thoughts cum
Give me what you don’t give them
And maybe I would appreciate the difference

Written by, Jazlynn Ladylinkwell

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