“Up and Away Prophecy” | By The Old Donkey

A Wisdom Prayer

Father forgive them ALL, their ignorance is their own destruction.

Wisdom has screamed very loud to provide sound instructions.

She’s heating up and no gasoline is needed.

The beast is hungry and nature must feed it.

So short time, with so short breaths
So dire consequences pertaining to their health.

The beast mouth opens and black clouds fill the air.

It doesn’t matter as the herds continue to mingle as if death wasn’t there.

I can’t see the sun, has he abandoned Thee

The kings and rulers run run run but can’t hide from Thee.

Time has only been for a little while
Fire flowing with beauty like the Nile

Roof tops are covered with thick powder that is bitter indeed

He comes quick, and slick and it’s time to feed

 Smoke is his name, underneath is from which he came

The beast has awaken, his name is smoke and flames.

~The Old Donkey~

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