What’s Going On | by Darrell Godbold

What’s going on with you?

I’m looking at you right now all torn apart and you’re the epitome of a smile is just a frown turned upside down

You’re so damn mad that I can see the excoriated feelings in your beautiful mermaid turquoise eyes

Remember when I told you about that fool and the game he’ll try to run on your heart, love isn’t a game to be played with and it should never be taken for granted, it should be cherished “ thoroughly ” with one woman or one man for life, not less than a New York minute

Casual lies are the forte of these compulsive and sociopathic liars who use them to bring a love once so beautiful in the beginning, into being a complete heartbreaking ruin

The temptations, the deceit, the betrayal and the arrogance are all veins to the scars of emptiness left upon one of the heart’s possibly making it virtually impossible for that man to ever love another woman again because of distrustfulness, or that woman to ever love another man again for the same reason

Why should all women or all men be judged guilty by association because of one woman’s or one man’s nasty sneaky cacophonic casual lies?

Now with that being said

Are you ready for a new light to shine on the smiling side of your timeless face?

Because I am

We should be what’s going on

I promise that you won’t be taking a chance staring into my sugar filled heart

What’s there is yours if you consider having it for the taking, all you have to do is hold on to it

We can start out as friends if that’s what you want to do and negotiate the terms of endearment

And probationary boundaries if necessary

Deep conversation between us is an inclusive must

I can’t learn how to love you and respect you if you don’t teach me how and vice versa because happiness works both ways, when it’s for the better

I want, what you want

I’ll care, if you’ll care

Whatever, I give your heart

I, indefinitely expect in return

If you’ll be sweet on me

I’ll be shivering sweet all over you

I want you, just because

I know that you want me, just because

So, what’s going on with you right now?


© 2020 Darrell Godbold

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