Sugar Hill |Written by Darrell Godbold

To be my Sugar Hill

You have to be my grassy knoll, that comforting peace of mind and your rose has to be valley deep

You have to make me realize that without even saying a word or insinuating a naughty thought

That I won’t necessarily ever have to ask you

Do you know who you are?

Because whenever I look at you and you’re just that damn fine to cause me too, I want to know that I’ll be answering my own question

Over your sexy eyed reflection

So, you’re asking me to define my interpretation of “Sugar Hill”

It starts with her upper infrastructure and the aerodynamics of her proximal thighs

And I’ll start at top and slowly with high definition work my down to that playground

Sugar Hill, to me she has to be the exception to the rule of unconditional love

A phenomenally educated intellectually minded woman with a mind of her own and as sharp as a Diamond’s edge

And so deep in her psychological state of love, that I have to use a college professor’s vocabulary just to maintain an intermittent conversation with her

Her kiss has to be indescribably delicious soft and to my satisfactions taste

Capable of sugar syphoning my sugar deep into her sugar, oh the juices of love

Earth quaking my heart and bringing my hidden weaknesses for her down to its knees

And beneath her curvy lips have to be my other pillows to fall asleep against and dream into

Let alone cuddle with, upon my heart on occasion

And beneath those, wonderland

An intimidating ecstasy if I’m not auspiciously careful

A means to an end of a stressful day for the both of us

Déjà vu all over again

Valley deep, pudding soft

The sugar of the hills

That has the look and the fragrance of love that makes you want to say her, don’t go

Please don’t go, just stay beneath my romancing toil

Because when I’m holding her and touching her, and she tells me don’t you dare disappear

And then there’s that shadowy tear laden look in her almond eyes without even saying a whispering word to me, that says you know what I mean by don’t you dare disappear

And after the love is gone and we disembark away from each other’s souls lacquered in humility, gratitude and benevolence

We’re rolling in joy in opposite directions to our individual edges of the bed

Thoroughly exhausted and clearly thirsty enough for more love

But fall into a deep dream of a sleep revolving around what we just did

Only to wake up in the love of each other’s arms and morning sunshine

And a royal kiss

Sugar Hill

© 2020 Darrell Godbold

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