Through You | Darrell Goldbold

Say, just close your eyes in the comfort of my arms and relax all of your mind just for a moment please

Nobody has to know that through you, I want to touch your curvaceously sweet soft lips in a quiet silenced place somewhere next to nowhere, where it’s just you and I

So, lay your head closer to the unambiguous shores of my heart, smile in anticipation of what you want to ooze out of you and feel this intemperance of my honey and my love, this melting sugar filled breeze that I have to whisper just for you, because you know that you want to be appeased

And you also know that in your dreams, that I’m not pretending about this implicit quest at all, because without question the fact remains that I need you and have to pour my hot love all over you for the reasons that are exclusively my own. under this twilight Sapphire blue sky

More often than not, your coagulable honey is the perfect anesthesia for me when I want to fall asleep in love

It’s like I’m a sleeping baby smiling in its dreams, stretching and squeezing my pillow nestled as if it were up against you

With the intent of feeling the wet rain of your bosom’s intense desires and seeing the conciseness of a perfervid emotional picture that I have of you within my heart that I want to stay through you, abreast of

So that I can keep you closer than close to me on my mind, to breathe you, to taste you, to oil what’s beneath your smile over and over again until I reach your heartfelt satisfaction, then I can say I’m thoroughly through

Through you, I love the way you’re always preening your curvaceousness and sophisticated style

Being intemperate of your soft love to an extreme that gets me hotter than the planet Mercury’s sun

Then I want you to tempestuously drown me in your shaded lipstick kisses, so that I will cool off for just awhile

While I’m untangling my heart’s racing anxiety over your sensual sex appeal before I become completely undone

Sometimes the intemperance of your love through you has this calm rage of a clawing lioness depraved deep into my shoulders arc

That causes you to echo and siren my name until you eclipse that exuberant virtuosic curve of yours behind quiet closed hidden doors

Unfathomed pervasively into the timelessness of night, just imagine listening to the sinking sand of an hourglass beside the cuboid blue light on the glass nightstand while we’re loving love in the pitch of dark

Where this flavory taste of ecstasy has no face to see, just a feeling of sensualism and ice cream is everywhere, even when it adores

I hope that you realize that through you, you’re more than enough for me

Because I most certainly know that you are all that I’ll ever want to need and have to see

My intemperance of love is yours under lock and key to forever keep

And I’m so true of heart, so true that I’ll love you every night into a deep smiling paradoxical sleep

Through you

With every irresistible clue

And a love rhyme

That’s never ever been a crime

Now, what can I do to deserve you?

Through you


© 2020 Darrell Godbold

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