In The Beginning Pt. 2 | By Brotherhood of Sincerity Member

As I closed my heavy eyes lids, once again I can see a tall tree with youthful green leaves dancing with the winds welcoming the rise of the Sun. They danced so loudly, I swear they were singing in unison as a church choir. Very Joyfully! The awakening sunlight or sunrise as we call it, made everything mesmerisingly perfect…too perfect. Indeed, I was in heaven.

From a distance, I see the love of my life walking towards me genuinely. She had no attire on and no care in the world her presence healed my entire body, mind, and soul. I am at peace, finally. Her smile was glowing with no care in the world. She licked her lips and innocent eyes captivated my attention, I was paralyzed. How could this be? She came back from the dead? At the present moment, I didn’t care because she finally came back to my arms again. Gradually, I can see the light of the Sun work seductively embracing her sacred skin, the reflection bounced back in milliseconds hypnotizing my consciousness and calmed my heart…….again. I remember our love is real, authentic, and pure, I never went to forget. Her thick copper braids moved effortlessly in comfortable pace as if she was swimming with easy underwater. How can all this be? Is this possible? Is this real?

Spontaneously, an explosive sound woke me in fear and disrupted my comfortable dream, in panic I lifted myself from the concrete floor and shoved my sleeping bag into the raining littered sidewalk. The rats were so spooked that they ran for their lives, I swear it was dozens of them. One of them could have been breakfast.

Fully woke, I realized I’m still in downtown Dallas, Texas towards the Deep Ellum area. Darn! I woke up in darkness this reality sucks, I must keep moving to nowhere and survive.

It all happened 30 years ago back when Covid-35 wiped-out the entire human population, the world we once knew is no more. Partially, I blame our government for their false promises and false hopes. They sold us sanctuary, free food, shelter, and misleading healthcare.

There’s always a price to pay and the price to pay to to have it all is exponentially large….they didn’t want money or soldiers to join their army….they wanted us to surrender our personal freedoms and weapons. During this time all cell phones did not have any signal. Internet was obsolete and the only technology alive was radio communication. Broadcasting through radio stations was how they lured us into these FEMA’s camps. This is when the last standing humans, the weak, starving, sick, desperate one went for safety. Little did they know that within the food, the government injected a vaccine hoping to find a cure. All perished, but a few who understand that nothing in life is free. Covid-35 didn’t discriminate and it didn’t matter how advance our technology was, this virus always found a way to mutate, resit and kill.

My heart is deeply heavy right now because of my dream and reality. Perhaps we are on the verge of a great evolution anomaly. Perhaps the Mother Earth is revolting form our destructive ways, and enabling us to see our true nature. We the human race have been a virus to this planet, we took and never gave nothing back. When this pandemic is over and live to give the tales, we can learn and remember from our mistakes, and do better.

Everyday, I ask myself. How could we have been so careless? Why do I fall into the same dream every-time I sleep. What it’s message? How do I encrypted it? The human race is running out of time and I must keep moving froward this is way to stay alive and survive. I must keep walking forward.

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