In The Beginning Part 3 | Written by the Brotherhood of Sincerity Member

It’s year 2030, climate change already destroyed 65% of our forest worldwide, only 15% of the ice in the Arctic Ocean remains.

Why the ice in the Arctic Ocean so important? I remember my father explaining to me at age 12 that this ice keeps the entire polar regions cool and help keep the planet temperature moderate or balanced. He further explained how 80% of the sunlight that strikes it and reflects back into the sky. During the summer the ice melts rapidly, exposing the dark parts of the ocean surfaces. The ocean absorbs 90% of the sunlight, once the oceans heat up the Arctic temperature rise further. As a result, massive flooding invades all tourist shores at an exponential rate affecting all multi-million dollar homes. My father told me all this while we were at the park playing baseball at the downtown Dallas Main Street park.

In resentment, my father further added that I must do anything to survive. He walked towards me and said. “Son, I love you more than life itself and all I want is for you to be safe. These coming years there will be hell on Earth, and I want you to be prepared for it. He explained with sadness but hopeful, what we have done to the Earth, the Earth is retaliating back….fighting all that been abusing her for centuries”. I was confused and shocked not because of his words, but the fear in his eyes. His body language troubling and his energy was not normal. He grabbed firmly both of my shoulders as if he was going to shake me. And said, son just be ready for what is to come. I remember, when looking at his eyes-only tear fell from his right eye it navigated itself into his curly black beard.

Outside of the park, ancient and new diseases have already re-awakened from sleep attacking everyone in sight. Our medical system has been overwhelmed and all doctors and nurses are over worked, tired, and stressed. They are in short supplies as a result many because vulnerable to the infections. Our medical system is slowing collapsing.  They fought hard and many lost their lives in doing so. Only Covid-35 remained to be the most resistant plague. Our vaccines were promising, but Covid-35 found itself to be 5 steps ahead of our scientist. This virus is undeniably stubborn.

From the mountain of Yosemite to the edges of New York City where the statue of Liberty stands tall. The fear of the approaching Covid-35 is spreading amongst all communities rapidly killing all living organisms in its path. The symptoms of Covid-35 were the same as Covid-19, but the only difference is that you only had 5 hours to live. If you were infected, you were on your own and alone.

My father warned me about this day. Now, it is my time to keep his promise and implement his teachings for the troubles…………….that will come.  I know that this will not be over soon…..OUR FUTURE the worst is about to unravel.  

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