Black Fear vs Self-Progress |Written by Ricco Slad

When The Willie Lynch’s blueprint of Slave Control was introduced in Virginia, he clearly states at the end of his address to the slave masters: And if your slave still does not submit to your will, instill the fear of God in him. Fear has plagued the Black community in this country for generations. We fear what we don’t understand, and a lot of brothers and sisters don’t understand the power they truly possess. The Spiritual Inheritance embedded in our DNA, left by our ancestors. That power will liberate Africa and her children in the diaspora if we face our fears and embrace it. There are a lot of obstacles that we as a race must overcome.

First we must accept are we are, where we are, what we are subjected to, and what we must do to free ourselves from bondage. The problem that we face with this first step is distraction. We as a race are so caught up in capitalism and materialism that we can’t think beyond that. It’s all about how much money we have, and where we spend it, how we spend it, and what we buy to impress some and make others feel inferior. We fear poverty, even though we are always going to be impoverished until we acquire assets, become owners, and stop renting. Now once we free our minds from the money trap, we can utilize the Capital that we hustle so hard to stack up to actually invest in resources, most importantly Land and Agriculture. Once we overcome distraction we must really face our fears because this is when we pose a threat to the powers that be.

The manipulative tools that they put in place to keep us asleep and unaware aren’t working anymore. We are awoke and focused now, but we are un-resourceful. They control every aspect of society, from mass media, social media, politics, religion, commerce, law enforcement, you get the idea of what we’re up against. Now they use all of this to instill fear back into us to put us back in what they deem is our rightful place. This is when it gets scary cause they have individuals from our race (Deep Agents) that they use to try to maintain control. We have to be prepared to fight war on every level: Social Warfare, Psychological Warfare, Economical Warfare, Educational Warfare, and Spiritual Warfare. Physical Warfare is the lowest form of warfare and must only be used as a last resort.

Now that we observe our grim reality, we must fully accept it. Embrace it, and face our fears. I’m going to keep it on the I right now, maybe some of you can relate, maybe some of you can’t, but my biggest fear is not being accepted by the members of my own race. I fear that they will use me, abuse me, and neglect me when I need them most. Now when you’re up against a System with many complexities, collective networks all working in unison, as a individual, you won’t be able to withstand the applied pressure alone for an extended period of time.

Pressure bust pipes. It’s inevitable. Even the strongest man will fold if enough pressure is applied. Secondly, we must unite. United We Stand, Divided We Fall. See that was the plan of the oppressor. Divide and Conquer, Show No Mercy, Seek and Destroy. That’s how they overthrew our once glorious race.

That was the mentality they had. If we are united, there’s nothing to fear, because they won’t be able to conquer us as a race anymore. That’s when we will be able to make progress individually and
collectively. There will not be any chains or barriers. Every individual will be able to utilizes their unique talents, strengths, and abilities to explore, discover, and create. Then we will be able to come together as a collective and build.

Forward Progress.

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