Darc Chocolate Love | Darrell Godbold

Darc chocolate love, sometimes your concupiscence mood is introuvable and yet still when I touch you beneath the breath of the moonlit night, I want you to arrange the main synthesis of my love the way you want it, and then torque it with your heart’s seriousness of intent all over my mind

I’m not really a conundrum as to find out about how to discover and infringe upon my taste for your sweet darc chocolate cream and unrelenting love

So, if you’ll just take a deep breath or two and relax for just a moment in this parallax view of time

I’m hoping that you’ll give me a concerting improbable contrivance from the edges of your screaming heart to make me feel what I’m feeling to be believable while inside of your darc chocolate love until daylight has risen and then close those lovely darc pearl eye shadowed eyes of yours and exhale to me all of the pleasured desired feelings pertinent to having your precious trust and deep heart’s love that you can think of

Darc chocolate love, make me say to you here we are together alone again just us and I want you to reveal your every hidden thought of love to me into the existence of you

And while you control the untold to my mind, let me swallow the sugary sweet temptations of your darc chocolate love on the edge of my lips with your name only spoken from them

Then pinch them with that savory kiss of your mind-bending succulent taste and make me scream your name until I faint into a slippery deep sleep to your satisfaction through and through

Feeling the treasure trove of anxiety flowing from your hearts incessant embrace while I’m dreaming so that I’ll know without a doubt that you’re truly my diamond gem

Design me darc chocolate love, without changing the crossroads of my heart, so that I can taste that earthly sweet chocolate softness of you with my shuttered brown eyes closed

I’m really addicted to your passion voice and yet I sense these insurmountable feelings from your unmeasurable past that sometimes erodes you

And yet still, what I love about you the most is that you are without boastful exaggeration, so aware of who you are undeniably and the satisfaction of knowing that for the simplicity of your love, I’m being completely unopposed

Because concerning your particular complexity and mist of love, I can truly say that I’ve loved it into and beyond exhaustion and found it to be a trance, tried and true

Darc chocolate love, infiltrate my predisposed agendas for loving you so that every night right after you step out of the torrential rains of a warm enthralling shower, I can use the softest perfumed lotion in the world to coat your obvious correlating curvatures

And afterwards, with one hundred strokes of my heart’s desire I’d brush your smoothly soft hair until you drift into the state of a sleeping smile and then I’d dare the mirrors to even stare

And as I watch you lay your feelings and your smile down on your fluffy pillow and whisper goodnight to me, then walk into your secret dreams motion picture

Afterwards I’d shadow your beautiful lovely face with an endearment of good night kisses and thoughts of how I love to hear your whispers in the presence of the floor lamp’s late-night glare

Use me darc chocolate love at your discretion, so that I can say to you that I’m unconditionally convergent about loving you without any reservation

© 2020 Darrell Godbold

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