Don’t Kill Me, I’m Your Brother: Reflection On The Destructive Nature Of Gang Culture | Written by Ricco Slade

I have the utmost love and respect for all the originals. People like Huey P. Newton, Bobby Seale, Assata Shakur, Larry Hoover, Jeff Fort, Willie Lloyd, David Barksdale, T. Rodgers, Raymond Washington, and Stanley Tookie Williams; all the people who set the standard and created the blueprint of African American Community Organization and whose righteous ideology has become the foundation for countless brothers fighting the struggle today. I believe in the power of numbers, and in the strength that comes from unity; but so many brothers have lost sight of what this was about in the beginning. They don’t have the vision that the originals had. Everything’s become corrupted, and instead of building, brothers are destroying what matters most. The people and the community. Everybody’s out for themselves. Now it’s all about who got the most money; who can sleep with the most women; who going to bust their gun the quickest. Chaos, Madness, and Mayhem. Don’t get me wrong, there are some good brothers who understand their purpose and who know their duty and obligation to their organization and community. I commend those righteous brothers of the struggle. The fight for equality must carry on; but we got to get the youth on board. We got to lead by actions, not just words. We have to be the pioneers of the change we would like to see in our communities. It all starts with us. Like they say: United We Stand, and divided We Fall.

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