I’m Never Letting Go: Reflection On Love | By Ricco Slade

Love is a beautiful thing. It has the power to conquer all hatred; but it’s hard to find and even harder to keep. Love often overpowers reason and rationality. Sometimes love is a disguise for lust, often leading us to a state of confusion about the true intentions of those we decide to give our mind, body, and soul to. A manipulative person tends to use superficial love to benefit from the need of acceptance and companionship of a socially weak individual who may have everything else in life but love. This often leads one to a broken heart, a lack of trust, and isolation turning the reality of love into a dream that’s not even worth chasing. It destroys the whole essence of what created the world we live in today. The love that God had for man. The love that man had for woman, and the love that woman had for child. Love is creation. The person that finds true love, finds life and the abundance thereof. They will always be happy, and their soul will be at peace. It’s a blessing that everyone tends to take for granted. It’s something that the human race will never understand for the simple fact that love dwells within the heart and not the mind. It’s a passion, not a thought. It’s something that you feel at the very core of your being. It’s a universal bond between the Man and the Woman. It’s the foundation of life; and it’s immortal. Love will overcome the test of time and will eventually prevail to restore harmony amongst humanity.

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