Change | Written by Ricco Slade

What we strive for is change. It has been a very long journey. This life has been a roller
coaster, full of ups and downs, twists and turns. Obstacles to overcome, challenges to face and
conquer. Goals to achieve, success to obtain and maintain. At the end it all adds up to pain and
suffering. What comes from doing the wrong things for the right reasons? Pain. I was born
innocent, flawless, guiltless, and free. Over the course of this life I became corrupted, impure,
flawed, contaminated, and enslaved. A slave to sex, money, and mayhem. Guilty of all charges
your honor. Now I strive for change. Stop the violence, Clean up our streets, Save our youth.
We must come to the gripping truths of reality: that we have the power to build or destroy. To
heal or kill, to give or take. That power rests in our hands. We must strive for change.
For Those Who Died In The Struggle, That We Take For Granted Today. I Don’t See How We
Can Take It For Granted, Cause Today Brothers And Sisters Are Still Dying!!!

One Comment on “Change | Written by Ricco Slade

  1. Hi beloved!
    It seems as although many of us SLADES, have been gifted in so many areas;

    I notice that many of us are skilled writers!

    I am happy for your success!


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