One Must Hold Oneself Accountable For All Thoughts, Words, And Deeds On A Daily Basis. One Must Consider How These Thoughts, Words, And Deeds Affected Others. If One’s Thoughts, Words, And Actions Were Beneficial To Others, Then One Will Benefit From Them Oneself. If They Are Detrimental, One Will Suffer. To Understand This Is Growth. As Human Beings We Don’t Consider How Our Thoughts, Words, And Deeds Affect Others. That’s Why We Must Be Conscious Of Everything We Do And Say. We Must Harness Genuine Positive Energy To Manifest A Positive Reality. We Can’t Be Judgemental Towards Others While We Have Our Own Character Defects To Transform. We All Have Our Flaws And When We Lay In Bed At Night Unable To Sleep Due To The Restless Thoughts Racing Through Our Minds Reality Sets In. I Know That Humanity As A Whole Wants Something Different For Itself. We All Must Face The Facts. We Must Stop Running From Reality. Drowning Our Pain (which is our strength) With Alcohol And Drugs. We’re Only Repressing Our Problems By Doing That, And Once Sober The Problems Return Worsened. We Must Find An Ultimate Solution, But We Must Keep In Mind That Whatever We Do, We Will Be Held Accountable For.

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