With You | Written by Darrell Godbold


Oh no, I’m not suggesting that I’m about to talk about that one

My mind isn’t in the gutter

Thinking about the insatiable dimensioned width of your hips

I’m talking about the other word with, the preposition

And the love that I have for you that I’m wanting you to see in this unscripted deposition

Please don’t hold me in open contempt of your love because of the way that I’ve elected to approach you and don’t talk to me like that, I’m innocent and guilty of wanting to be with you

You see there’s something about you that accentuated this acute desire within me that’s saying you’re the one that I need to be with

The reasons are still quite unclear, but stay within reach of my heart

Is it the look in your wondrously beautiful eyes that forever surprise?

Is it the way your lips prefigure the depth of the next interlacing kiss that we’ll share together with a passionate intrusion, while it slowly advances with your closed eyes towards my lips?

Could it be the way you forthwith whisper to me sugar saturated thoughts in my ear of things concerning your sensualities other men can only wish they could hear coming from you when they look at you and see me taking deep breaths because I’m closely within the proximity of that alluring perfume you’re wearing?

So much to discern being with you, so much more for my mind to sift

With you I’m filled with the joy of the extenuating circumstances in and around the unconditional love between us

With you there will always be the overanxiety of another tomorrow and the satisfaction of remembering the yesterdays

With you there’s always the contemplation of another walk together along the wet sandy beach shores of the Atlantic Ocean

With you I’ll always see just how true love supposedly turns out

With you making promises to keep you happy will be an intoxicating pleasure to say the least

With you the surrounding emotions of moonlight dreams will never be the same

So, to get to the next one I’ll say goodnight to you my love

With you


© 2020 Darrell Godbold

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