Global Economic Recovery Strategy | By @broqriches

Once a man connects to his spirit, he connects with an infinite/ eternal power source. We’re stuck focusing on primal systems and values while starving the spirit.

Fear is a powerful weapon. That’s why fear is so effective on so many people. One who is connected to their spirit is not really affected much by what’s going on.

Primal systems and values are based on what external sources provide & create, while freedom/ self sufficiency/ spiritual enrichment/etc… are based on what internal sources provide & create.

Those who are fucked have the power to NOT be fucked, but they have to make the decision to create the opportunities for themselves to become self sufficient, and seek clarity and wisdom on becoming self aware.

Not until our consciousness shifts we can began economic recovery. We’re still mostly disconnected from our internal and collective/communal power for the most part. That has to change on a mass scale, which the recovery will likely happen in a decade.

In other words we have to start the healing process.

Stay Positive. Be Self-sufficient. Work on Progress. Get Results. Build Spiritual and Physical Goals and Accomplishments. Succeed!

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