Longest Pain | Written by Poet Meadows

The longest pain I’ve ever known
Was the day you were gone before I was grown
Only to journey through life feeling resentful
Because others are able to enjoy happy moments while mine are forgetful
Just blemishes in my timeline
Grateful for my lifeline
That looked out for me
Giving me other mothers along the way with a decree
That I would become a good man someday
Cause He’s has his hands on my life anyway
Showing me mercy along my clouded path
Withholding His wrath
And Mother’s Day after Mother’s Day
The pain never goes away
Missing my mother like crazy
Just to hear her voice one more time for me
Just a babe I love you
Will do
Maybe a gleam in her eyes that says I’m proud
Proud of the man and father you have become proud
That I’m her son, her first born
I carry this pain with me everyday it’s not the norm
It just gets intensified on this day
Buried deep within there’s more I could say
But my heart tells my brain to shut down
Close off the emotions that will make you frown
And drown in your own tears
Like you’ve done for so many years
Be strong how can I
When my kids never got to meet there grandmother why
I’m always the strong one
I break down too cause I’m a son
I’m her son
She sees me from heaven
I can’t even
Understand why He took her
Sometimes I just need her
My relationships with women
Let’s me know I need her wise counsel and then
More than anything
A hug just from her would be everything
I love you mommy
I love you mommy

From the mind of Poetic

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