“Why Me” | by TinoFox

Why Always Me
Why always me,
Gets the heart broken?
Why always my true feelings,
Remain unspoken?
You showed me,
Such a lot fantasies,
I dreamed it way too much;
Playing together in the daisies..
I got attached to you so fast,
And hoped the setbacks would settle;
My world for you was so vast,
And you made it so little.
Why me, to your love fell a pray,
Why, dreaming of you, I’d idly lay.
Why you crushed all my feelings in a second,
Why I considered you, an Angel from Heaven..
Why you stared at me,
Though I wanted much more,
Why you threw me out of your heart,
And I kept you in the core..
Why now, why you ignore me?
Why, at first, you became my destiny..
Why, why you proved love a lie,
Why, why you bade that last goodbye..
If you still care,Answer all my ‘why’s,
Please come back to me,
Fear no word from me; No fies…

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