“I Can’t Breathe” | By NeekThaPoet

Struggling to get out the words, “I can’t breathe, you’re cutting off my air.” Pressure from your knee on my neck gets stronger as you become fully aware.

Trying not to black out, but darkness is quickly near. Death staring down on me so I try to alleviate the pain by moving out of fear. The voice of my mother calling out to me is what I begin to hear.

I call out to her because I’m slowly being killed. By a murderous cop that is trained and highly skilled. “Don’t move niggah boy” you say with a voice full of damnation and that is venom filled.

I’m dying and seeing my life flash before my eyes. All because of the color of my skin is what you despise. Maya Angelou’s words taken in vein because we still can’t rise.

Knee to my neck as hatred flows out of you and my life has been seized. You taking my life with my last words being, “I Can’t Breathe.”

By: NeekThaPoet
RIH #GeorgeFloyd

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