A Free Mind | by Poet Meadows & Vincent Valentine Nottage

Today I’m unlocking my slave mentality
And gradually increasing the space of my habitat and reality
Nappy headed is what you see
But brilliance is unlocking the the key
Watch these chains fall to the ground
Wake up and see what I’ve found
A brand new day filled we the possibility of me in it
White masters your are deceitfully wicked
Before when I tried to remove these chains
You would whip me and cause me pain
Allow me to visually see you raping my wife
So much so I had feared for her life
So I would mentally compartmentalize
Exactly how I would strike back until I had to realize
That seeing you with my real eyes
Instead of my third eye
That the right thing to do was to educate myself
And create fear unto thyself
Provoke me to anger so I can continue to be shackled
My mind is not a terrible thing to waste so I tackled
Every opportunity to further free my mind
Just to find
That my thoughts could connect all the dots to make me a free man on the inside as well as the outside
So here’s your chain wrapped around my fist for you to decide
To make me legendary
Or should I use force by any means necessary

From the mind of Poetic

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