People US – Land of the Thieves home of the Slaves. | by a White Human

White People Us
Upper Crust
In GOD we rust
Use Jesus to be RACIST
Rob land you trust
Slave Master US
We the Sun
You the dust
Clean our puss
As we rape you with lust

Start a fuss?
Okay, Civil War US
You fight for US
Emancipation Proclamation we don’t give a fuck
You stay stuck 40 acres and a mule
Don’t be a fool
We own the sky, don’t look up
No reparation US
Segregation US
Back in that bus

You want rights?
Find you in the night
Hanging you from a tree
Sister take a picture
Family gathering
But we like the way you sing
We steal your music
You know……what makes you feel free
Off you make more money US
You finny to US
Entertain US
Tell US a fable
Eat at our table?

You brainless
Start a business?
You want to compete?
We the bank
What’d you think?
Ever heard of Black Wall Street?
Burn you church
You nothing worth

Sorry….about Martin Luther King
But look how fast you run
Look at you get airborne
Put you in a uniform
Dam, you BETTER than US
But, don’t forget your still dump plus
We own the team
So we gave you this dream
Nice people US

What!!!!!!!!!?….How are we mean?
We vulture for your culture
Slavery? Oh me, me, me
That was so long ago
Everything was clean
When we set you free
Even gave gun and drugs to your community

Ohhhh….look at the poor kid on crack
Its so sad to be BLACK
But we are not going to help
all we care about is ourselves
White People US
What’s up!!!!!!!!!!

Elect Trump
Invalidate your feelings
I can’t believe you kneeling
I’m in so much disgust
How you do not love a country
About you that does not give a fuck

White People US
It’s ridiculous
On the same bust
We get after school detention
You get years in PRIVATE PRISON
We citation, Brook Turner
White cop paid vacation
Don’t Know how to listen
Afraid to lose our position
Don’t know what is like
Because we are white
People US

Need to wake the fuck up!
We created this racist society
So obviously it is on US
to change it into equality
Fucking Duh!

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