Thoughts of You | By Darrell Goldbold

Thoughts of You

This is what I enjoy having to do

Thoughts of you

Being strapped and handcuffed in the love, within the confines of the twilight zone inside of my mind

Where there is nothing but the absoluteness of your sweet fructuous darkness and your adorned glimmering softness

The sweet fructuous darkness, the sugar of your night

The adorned glimmering softness, the warm wet love that compliments the moments of being in love with you, when I am

And when I am not, the lingering creaminess of that aftertaste and after fragrance of your love and its inevitableness envy of your honey

Thoughts of you

And about your love are always as clear to me as wet ice

I can see straight through to your heart that pumps the unshent loving thoughts that you have throughout your pleasurable soul, that only you can give me and make me feel the way that I do about you

Thoughts of you

Mix my emotions

Especially when I am languishing inside of your controlling wave of lotions

I sometimes cannot tell whether I am coming or going into a deep silence of a breathless sleep

A hyperreality if you will but I know this, you are immeasurably mine to keep

Thoughts of you

Keeps me in perspective about your sought-after love and where I wanna be

Because you know how to emphasize with authority about what you got that needs to be cured of by a man desiring and worthy of your happiness period

And I can easily recognize that this truth be told

Thoughts of you

I have them when you are so far away from my heart that I cannot hear yours or feel its zeal

When I reach for your sleeping touch on your pillow and you are not there, but a cold silk whispering sheet tells me she is gone

Also, when I am walking in the pouring rain uptown and stop at the reflection of a red light, look at a pool of water and your significant imagery is not there beside me

Thoughts of you

As thought-provoking as they may be, are just not my suggestive imagination unhinged

But the realism of your fantasy, the serious depth of your inner being and my obsession with your psyche

Causing me to treasure you because it also tells me that I am the only man that you see

I have them when my mind starts wandering knowing that you are less than a moment away from me and my love that is waiting for you

Thoughts of you

Having them seems like its all that I want to do

Sharing our love together, after missing each other for more than a moonlight of night

Because you do it for me like I want to do it for you and there is no easy way to explain that

And all that really matters is having a single candlelight and you

And listening to your thoughts in view of a marble tub laced with fallen red rose petals

Then you saying to me alright

Majicbluerose – © 2020 Darrell Godbold

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