Titina Ernestina Sila – African Warrior | by Vialble-TV

Tinina Sila was a fighter for the independence of Guinea-Bissau. Janurary 30,1973, the end of her death, is celebrated as National Women’s Day in Guine-Bissau.

Titina joined the very young liberation fighters at the age of 18 and thank to her intelligence and courage, she became a spearhead of the independence movement of Amiclar Cabral.

She was killed in an encounter with the Portuguese military while crossing the Farim River with a group of other guerrillas. She was on her way to the funeral of Amilcar Cabral, the leader of PAIGC guerrillas, who was assassinated days earlier in Conaky (20th of January, 1973). After the events of the Carnation Revolution in Lisbon and the independence of Portuguese Guinea as Replublica de Guine-Bissau in 1974, a monument was erected in her honor near the river Farim where she died and the date is marked as a National Women’s Day also know as “Dia Nacianal de Mulher Guinneense”. in Guinea Bissau.

Numerous places and institutions in Guinea-Bissau are name for Titina Sila, including the home to gorverment ministries and foreign missions. Along with Cabral and Domingos Ramos, she is remembered as the most famous figures of the independence struggle.

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