Transurfing – Declaration Intention | By Vadim Zeland


In order to shape reality effectively, you have to try to control your thoughts and not let them run away with you. It can be a bit of a strain at first but with time, it will become a habit. Don’t do anything just for the sake of it, mindlessly, floating about in an amorphous jelly of uncontrolled thinking. State your declaration of intention; concentrate on your goal. This does not mean that you have to be permanently on maximum alert. Let your thoughts drift as much as they want to, but be conscious that it is happening: “if my mind is wandering, it is because I am allowing it to”. Then, when you need to, return to a state of concentration equally as mindfully.


Usually, the ‘thought mixer’ works by itself. Ideas emerge and fade uncontrollably and thoughts jump from one theme to the next. The mind ‘kicks’ just like a baby. So what’s the lesson in all this? If you want to create your own reality quickly and effectively, train yourself to say your thought forms to yourself, from time to time throughout the day repeating the narrative for what you want to achieve (it is a good idea to keep your main goal constantly ‘in the back of your mind’). By speaking your declaration
aloud, you set the course of your intention. For example, adopt the habit of spending a few minutes each day affirming the following thought: “My brain is fitted with a self-development program. It is constantly developing and perfecting itself. New connections are being made between the left and right hemispheres. Both hemispheres work sharply, coherently and synchronously. I have an incredible mind. Incredible ideas come to me. I think outside of the box. My brain’s reserves are contributing to this work. My brain is ninety percent active. I have a fine intellect and it is becoming more powerful every day. I solve problems easily. My awareness is becoming clearer. Everything is transparent and simple. I understand things clearly and express myself clearly.” You can create similar affirmations of your own and repeat them at a set time, after you take a shower or once you’ve done your workout, etc.
Imagine and it will come into being!

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