Brainwashed (Book) – Pg. 6 | By Tom Burrell

“I tried to deal with it in variety of ways, starting with the idea of fooling “the man” making all believe that I was something other than what “they” said. Some days I tried my best. Other days, I’d just want to give in, accept the lesser status and engage in cynical behavior. Ultimatly, I chose the “fake till you make it” approach, spoofing the public until I was financially secure enough to retire into a category of 40 years old, well after I’d established my marketing firm.

Burrell Communications was touted for mastering the skills of positive commercial propaganda. Perhaps it was because of our techniques required to sell products and influence behavior that certain realities finally clarified and eventually inspired this journey. All I know for sure is, at some point it dawned on me that I was not faking.

I was, indeed as smart, just as brave, just as disciplined, and just as beautiful as what I thought I was pretending to be. The more I learned about the origin of my own issues, which had been festering from the legacy of chattle slavery, the more I was able to see the same wounds of others.

It was then I realized that I, like most Americans, had been Brainwashed.”

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