How to Find a Spiritual Connection with the Earth | Brotherhood of Sincerity Member

1st, I want good energy from the Sun and the Earth’s core to be with all of us today.

From an human spiritual perspective, the chaotic conditions of our world today have created roots of hate, lust, greed, selfishness, and wars. When we as human beings are disconnected from the energy of the Sun and Earth, we are no longer our true selves.

Our technology today have connected us externally and this is new. Now, we use internet, social media, on-demand television, satellite televisions and the gaming world is exploding during the Covid-19 epidemic.

The domination of today’s news is dominated by the fact that our world is changing in 2020 and we hope and wish that 2021 will be better. The images and the information we consume are about terrorism, racial and economical oppression, domestic and external abuse, social conflicts, and international conjunctive warnings or environmental disasters.

With Determination each and everyone of us can adapt, improve, and change this world for the better. The better means all human race can benefit and thrive together in unison. Collectively we need our God/Buddha/Allah/Christian/Islam/Jainism/Zoroastrianism/Voodoo/Scientology/Mormonism/Hinduism and much more… to get better, be better, and show better…finally to show and secure love.


We need to be in connection with a holistic a larger perspective for the sake of our own survival. Whatever we do, we need to ask ourselves how this is this energy is going to bounce back to us. Will it be negative, positive or will it destroy our geographical sanctuaries? More importantly, how will it affect our planet?

We do not have the answer, but the solution is to learn from the past, work for the present and work hard and intelligently for my, yours, our futures.

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