African Feast and Fellowship | by Amadou Hampâté Bâ in Hamkoullel

Do you know why we eat in groups among various African peoples?

Behind this innocuous act, which is the simple act of eating, emerges a whole lesson in knowing how to live and a beautiful initiation that each of us must learn to know.
Everything is education in Africa.

“Keeping your eyes lowered in the presence of adults, especially fathers – that is to say, the father’s uncles and friends – was to learn to control oneself and to resist curiosity.

To eat in front of you was to be content with what you have.

Not speaking meant mastering your language and practicing silence: you have to know where and when to speak.

Not taking a new handful of food before you had finished the previous one was to show moderation.

Holding the rim of the dish with the left hand was a polite gesture, it taught humility.

To avoid rushing for food was to learn patience.

Finally, waiting to receive the meat at the end of the meal and not helping yourself led to controlling your appetite and gluttony ”

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