ChEsS mOvEs : pOeM | By Emanuel Johnson

There’s nothing more dangerous than a mental uplifting,
A beautiful idea coming to fruition,
Yea physically we could all get to shootin,
But “still” bodies just undo the “movement”,
That mindset is inconclusive to what Im on,
In this world I rather be a time bomb,
and pick the mission I die on,
Weaponized with knowledge,
Ripping through stereotypical bondage,
I Rather fall in love with this ganja goddess,
than to have a bunch of baby mamas,
Fuck me?
Nah FUCK YOU I’m just being honest,
You nigga’z 3rd eyes be blind but me im “lookin through walls”,
“SUPER” different with the “X-ray vision” while you can’t see at all,
See I Warmed up to the idea that its more to life than packing heat to not freeze at the end of fall,
Because stupidity could end us all,
yea you strapped but if the Duel calls for tools you don’t have then what the fuck are you gonna Draw ?,

Get it ? ChEsS mOvEs

Stay wise 🎭

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