The Pandemic, white supremacy and colonizer “Taker” culture | Moor Yusuf

Nat Turner, you are describing the white supremacy colonizer mindset when you refer to “Taker” culture. White supremacist colonizer culture (similar to all settler-colonial cultures worldwide) at its roots makes white people NOT want to support Black and Brown people with their tax dollars, usually based on the claim that we are too lazy and that we don’t want to work—-ironic because our labor built America and made it rich. In other words, white colonizer TAKERS enjoy stealing our land and our labor, whether chattel slavery or wage slavery, but DO NOT want to GIVE back AT ALL COSTS (no reparations). This means that social democratic healthcare is impossible for white colonizer TAKERS because it means collectivizing healthcare, making healthcare a social or societal function, which requires whites as seeing themselves as PART of a larger community that they share WITH Black and Brown (indigenous) people (and Queers, Muslims, Jews, Leftists, etc), a community of shared responsibility and shared destiny, but most importantly, shared WEALTH. For some (Christian cishetero) whites that’s too much sharing with people they at best disdain or wish to ignore, and at worse hate or despise.

The pandemic forces rabid individualism (atomic narcissism) in America to either accept itself as sharing a larger community with people it disdains and despises OR to violently reject such an unavoidable reality of social connectivity. This explains the carbuncle of Q-anon and other non-evidentiary, maniacal conspiracy theory clusters rising to the discursive surface. This also explains the inordinate and unrestrained rage atomic narcissists (sociopaths) have when asked or forced to act in a way that makes them acknowledge a shared responsibility, a shared destiny, a shared community or a shared well-being : the act of wearing a mask.

Refusing to wear a mask is ostensibly a response to the mixed messages that came from medical experts about their efficacy at the beginning of the pandemic. But it’s much more than that. There was a similar refusal in the 1918 pandemic, but the sociopathy then is different from the sociopathy now because the sociopathy now, surprisingly, is better informed! Then the sociopathy could be blamed on ignorance and rugged individualism. Now the sociopathy can be blamed on willful ignorance and on FACT : Black people die disproportionately from the pandemic than whites.

Once white supremacists/nationalists had this FACT, they disseminated it online and by word of mouth, so that refusing to wear a mask became a sign of tribal affinity and loyalty. I can show you a video of a white woman explaining in a store that she doesn’t wear a mask BECAUSE she’s a white supremacist. Therefore, NOT wearing a mask is both a tribal sign of white supremacy and the related pleasure of Black/Brown/indigenous genocide.

This refusal to wear a mask has been a collective act embedded in the protection of white supremacy not only as symbolized by Trumpism/MAGA, but also as symbolized by the terroristic, white supremacist anti-lockdown protests that Trump endorsed. Because in the beginning of the pandemic in America and even to this day after obvious evidence to the contrary (at least 200,000 deaths), the pandemic was or is a white liberal hoax to damage the Trump presidency, AND because white liberals are thought erroneously by the Far Right white nationalists to be traitors to white supremacy because they permit minimal inclusivity and representation of BIPOC within spectacles, structures and institutions of political-economic power, the REFUSAL TO WEAR A MASK is a neo-Confederate symbolic act of rebellion against the rise of “uppity” Black and Brown people AND a sign of fanatic tribal belonging.

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