CAN YOU | By Darrell Godbold

Can You
Can you
Because I want someone to need me
I treasure you because you make me feel as warm as the summer sunset of a golden sky
Someone exactly the way that they’re expecting me to need them and to see
A love worth something much more than just a whisk blink of an eye, that is unwavering and unassailable of heart so often in tranquil waters, so silent and quiet, a love so pure in joy that when I even think about it, I whimper and often cry
Can you
Be the morning touch of a nerveless love that I wake up to for every tomorrow
You see, I know I don’t want to ever lose you, you’re not just another diamond, emerald or ruby
Be the touch that my heart tells you, that it can’t live love without you because of reminiscent past sorrow
I want to be able to say to myself that you are the softest Pearl that I have ever touched, ever touched truly
Can you
Do you want to know something else; I treasure you and that enchanting smile of yours because it glows in the early morning dawn?
And on the edge of heaven’s early evening moonlight, where my dreams have yet to be dreamed into the night and soon to be all but foregone
I treasure you because when you are so close to my heart, you become my sweet secret jewel
And I’ll keep you close to my chest in that moment and every other, where our heartbeats will become accrual
Can you
Please stay the way that you look, you don’t have to change for me, because I pleasure being in the presence of your lovely beautiful face
And you should know that for me to have to wait for your love in between goodbyes until I see you again, takes all that I feel about you and for my obsessions and infatuations to calm and quietly interlace
Can you
Let me
Keep you somewhere in my heart
So, when I want to love you, I’ll always know who to go to and exactly where to start
That way when it comes to the mood of romance
Loving you will never be like taking a random chance
Can you
Promise me
That you’ll never leave me lonely
And will not be talking to yourself as if you are
Love me, in name only
Just keep me and I’ll keep you, replete me and I’ll replete you until you tell me to stop, I’m losing my breath and please never say to me au revoir
Can you
I know for love that you could
Will you
I think you should

© 2020 Darrell Godbold

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