Please Don’t Go! | By Black Chris Da Great

Like a thunderstorm.
Catastrophic. Torturing anything in its path.
Lightening filled winds.
Terrify and destroy.
While kids get caught in the Aftermath.
Tap tap tap tap.
The pitter patter of little feet.
Racing down the hall.
Crashing through my door.
Snatching me down to the floor.
Teardrops hit my face like rain
Their doing it again.
He’s drunk again.
In her face all I saw was pain.
Consoling, holding.
Don’t worry your safe.
Stay with me.
I tried to stay awake.
Rest broken.
Can’t breathe. Choking.
Open my eyes and can barely see.
Dashing into action.
Grabbing her close.
Jumping over clothes.
Running through fire without a care.
Stumbling tumbling
Passing out….. Thank GOD… Fresh air.
Look Meyah we made it.
Mom’s ok too.
That asshole’s in a cop car, what did he do.
Meyah… Meyah. Speak to me please…
You can’t leave.
Lord tell me why…
You’d let my light die.
Allowing this bastard. To steal my soul.
Now lost and alone.
Baby sis…. Please.
Don’t Go!!

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