Kamala Harris meets with emergency service personnel for an assessment of the wildfires in Fresno, California. Almost 3 million acres have burned throughout California, where the Bay Area has dealt with almost an entire month of a Spare the Air alert, and at least 27 people have died across the west coast. ‘Nobody should be playing political games with this,’ says Harris. ‘The reality is, what Californians, especially those that are losing their homes and people who have family members who have lost their lives, they don’t have any time for photo ops and political games. This needs to be about getting people the resources they need on the ground as quickly as possible.’ Her visit to her home state comes just one day after Pres. Trump met with Gov. Gavin Newsom and other leaders to discuss the ongoing wildfires. During his meeting, the state’s Natural Resources Agency Sec. Wade Crowfoot urged Trump to ‘recognize the changing climate and what it means to our forests.’ Trump responded by saying, ‘it will start getting cooler, just you watch,’ to which Crowfoot pushed back that he wished the scientific evidence agreed with the president. Trump then countered with, ‘I don’t think science knows, actually.’

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